Truck Mounted Road Sweeper


Truck Mounted Road Sweeper S6400

SweepTech aims to supply it's customers with the Rolls Royce of truck mounted road sweepers, a machine that can be trusted and relied on like no other.

Key Features:

  • · Maximin Sweep Path 3,650mm
  • · CANbus Intelligent Sweep System: Operator-friendly electronic controls.
  • · Clean Water Tank: 1600 litres or 2100 litres available with bigger hopper
  • · JCB Auxiliary Engine: A choice of 68kW or 93kW engines.
  • · Auxiliary Fuel Tank: 160 Litres.
  • · Low Pressure Dust Suppression Water System: 35 litres/min at 3.5 bar (50 PSI).
  • · High Pressure Wash Water System: 30 litres/min at 150 bar (2200 PSI)
  • · Has highly effective hydrovac excavation capabilities
  • · Highly modernised with all the latest technology which is robust and has been built to last

We are proud to present a machine to the market that we know won't let its name down and that will perform on a level above the rest. With a reputation of Robustness and utilisation the S6400 is a machine that can't be questioned. It has the latest on-board Technology (Cambus ISS control system) which is simple but effective and is easy to operate making the S6400 the operators choice. This road sweeper is built in NZ for NZ with the demanding nature of our conditions at the heart of the design.

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