Jig Floor Scrubber


Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Equipment

The Jig ST810 Scrubber-dryer. A state-of-the-art and compact floor cleaning machine designed for maximum efficiency. Boasting an impressive productivity rate of covering up to 6000m2 per hour, this agile powerhouse minimizes water and detergent consumption, ultimately extending operational hours.

Featuring only two cleaning modes, the Jig ST810 ensures simplicity without compromising performance. Its remarkable 800mm cleaning width, facilitated by precision disk brushes, sets a new standard in floor cleaning. The machine's class-leading tank capacity guarantees prolonged working time, enhancing productivity like never before.

The Jig ST810 is not only a workhorse but also an environment-friendly solution, optimizing resource utilization. Emitting a mere 61 Decibels during operation, this scrubber-dryer operates quietly, making it ideal for use in bustling environments. Additionally, the integrated front LED light ensures visibility and safety in crowded spaces.


- Cleaning Capacity: 6000 m2 per hour

- Cleaning Width: 800mm

- Squeegee Width: 965mm

- Solution Tank: 120 L

- Recovery Tank: 130 L

- Power Supply / Battery: 24v

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